On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 12:17:23AM +0100, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
> There's a cron job run every 20 minutes that flushes the mails.
> Warly told that it could be made faster if necessary (when I
> asked him), I thought to myself, and then I concluded that it was
> not really necessary to have a quicker response on the bugzilla
> database itself (what interests me is the time taken by this
> operation on my side - which is null). Maybe if you have good
> arguments he may change that value :).

The mail interface works nicely if people read cooker.  But if I close a
bug and it doesn't get picked up and someone is viewing via they may
duplicate what I just did.  Not a huge deal.  But I would be more
inclined to use the mail interface if it had a shorter lead time...  But
I'm not complaining about the speed of the web interface either.  So it
really makes no difference to me.


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