Angel, I think there are 2 cases here:
- Greeting and onboarding a new member (most spaces I know set up times to 
do that and don't really allow walk-ins)
- Giving members who are already onboarded access to the space

To do the first task I think Ruth is correct, she doesn't need someone 
sitting at the front desk. However I do see the need for someone at the 
front desk in higher end environments or if you think it is a community 
function. In spaces I've worked in we've had both. What I would say though 
is: Anyone who sits at the front desk has to be able to help you and build 
community. It can't be "just" a receptionist otherwise that will be counter 

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 11:32:52 AM UTC-4, Angel Kwiatkowski 
> Hi Ruth,
> I have so many questions for you! Who will greet members as they arrive? 
> Why don't you want a receptionist? Is it cost? What is driving your desire 
> to be unstaffed at the door?
> I REALLY believe in having someone near the door to greet members/visitors 
> when you are a new community. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is more 
> frustrating to me than when I visit a coworking space and I can't find 
> anyone to help me. 
> Angel
> On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 11:49:00 AM UTC-6, Ruth Rosengren wrote:
>> Hello! I'm working on a business plan to start a coworking space.
>> I don't want to hire a receptionist, and will have a couple different 
>> part-time packages that will limit usage to x number of days within a given 
>> month. 
>> Both for security, access, and monitoring use, I would want a system that 
>> "counts" the number of times a certain user accesses the building, or has a 
>> date/time stamp of when accessed. Is anyone using a tool like this, and if 
>> so, what are you using/what do you recommend?
>> Thanks!
>> Ruth

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