Hi Ruth,

I am an Assistant Community Manager and sit at the front door because we 
have many guests walking in through out the day but am currently in the 
struggle to phase out this need since I need to be more mobile on the 
floor. We have Envoy check in system currently but so many guests miss it 
and particularly the people who are uninvited solicitors will walk right by 
to run around the office before I catch them. I have been looking into a 
volunteer based program of 'Community Cultivators' or 'Member Ambassadors' 
<https://groups.google.com/d/msg/coworking/J3-861-j8gQ/RjiMgZJ3BgAJ> which 
will help me be able to get away from the desk more often. If maybe it 
helps to look into that to catch anyone that doesn't get into the technical 
tool or software you are looking into. Good Luck!


> Bernhard if I could ask you a few questions:
I was wondering if the Kisi system will log how long someone has been in 
the building. Particularly if there is a front door that doesn't need key 
access to get into some of the time. As in their phone hits the area of the 
building and even if they don't use it to unlock it still checks them in? 
And when they leave it checks them out? Does Kisi do this automatically or 
is this something that needs to be done manually on the app? 

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