On Fri, 23 Jun 2017, Kevin Zheng wrote:

As much as possible I've been automating the world building.  I hope it
offers different game play to keep people interested.

I think this could offer something to players who want to try something
new. Is the new world compatible with the standard server and client?

Late response :)

Currently I land the players on the old maps and they pass through a portal to the new maps. I want this to go away soon.

I remember some complaints from the Galactic Mileau folks that it was
hard to get recent versions of the client/server running a custom world.
Are there changes that would make this easier for you?

Absolutely. The newer clients make assumptions about the locations of Scorn and Navar City.

The older approach of having the character move around in the Hall of Selection would have made it easier than the current approach of having the information closely integrated in to the client.

Perhaps the clients could get a start location list from the server, or we could return to using something like a Hall Of Selection.


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