On 09/14/2017 06:03, David Hurst wrote:
> To try and make some progress on this front I created a visualisation to
> see what these changes might look like. Take a look here
> <https://public.tableau.com/profile/david.hurst6129#!/vizhome/CrossfireSpellsVisualisation/Spellassignmentdashboard?publish=yes>.
> I focused on only the spells that can provide exp, I can load the other
> skills if there is a strong desire to see the impact. As mentioned I
> don't think there is a particularly significant effect by using
> consistent spell schools definitions but i'm open to your feedback.
> The data i'm using is available here
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OIq3cIOpQoU9EZLkq8njLqY9GXqsVJ4TkYzUe_5IpKg/edit?usp=sharing>.
> As a reminder the proposed schools are:
> Evocation - Spells that create things (physical damage, food, strengthening)
> Sorcery - Spells that remove energy (cold spells, poison, draining?,
> depletion?)
> Pyromancy - Spells that add energy (fire, lightning, light)
> Summoning - Spells that call and control monsters (golems, pets, etc)
> Praying - Spells gifted by channeling your gods wishes through prayer

I believe this discussion came up on IRC, but how do you see training
experience in the new spell organization to work?

The current classifications are a bit arbitrary but it seems that each
spell school has a good balance of spells.

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