On 8/20/17 1:53 AM, David Hurst wrote:
> While working on this I noticed some odd places for spells such as
> ball lightning in evocation (all other lightning is in pyromancy) and
> large bullet in evocation while bullet is in sorcery.

As I recall, some of the spells & skill classification were made with
the intent to give some of the spell casters some kind of offensive
ability to kill monsters since that is the only way to gain XP in those
skills - even if it seemed to defy classification logic.

(Unfortunately, the gmane service crash makes searching for this
information not very easy.)

If lore is needed to explain this, then perhaps something along the
lines of:

While many wizards are able channel the arcane arts, it takes great
dedication to master these arts. This is why many wizards can use spells
like Magic Bullet but only those specialist can master the spell's more
powerful form of Large Bullet.

> I also notice that the current information on our website is very out
> of date and doesn't include skills like pyromancy.

Which page(s) are missing this information?

By chance, is it the Crossfire Handbook section?

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