I'm working on this as part of my work in improving balance. It may seem
odd to want to define skills to improve balance, however, I tend to hit
walls when I'm trying to balance someone else's work and there is no
indication about what vision they had in mind. I think once I can clarify
spell definitions and skill definitions, balancing will become more

In terms of overall balance, I'm very receptive to suggestions if it looks
like a change may have caused an unintended ripple.

In the back of my mind, I have an idea that a player should be able to
clear most content using 2 different damaging skills (e.g. archery and
evocation, pyromancy and evocation, melee and archery).


On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 12:05 AM, Preston Crow <
pc-crossfir...@crowcastle.net> wrote:

> I like those definitions a lot.  However, we might want to keep the
> exceptions or at least give some good thought to how moving them would
> impact the balance of the skills.
> On 08/20/17 02:53, David Hurst wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on improving the messages that players get in general. Today I
> was working on spell messages which are provided when learning spells (new)
> and viewing learnt spells via the spell menu (commit #20501).
> While working on this I noticed some odd places for spells such as ball
> lightning in evocation (all other lightning is in pyromancy) and large
> bullet in evocation while bullet is in sorcery. These may simply be typos
> but I noticed that we don't appear to have defined what these skills
> actually represent anywhere server side (there might be some definitions
> client side I haven't noticed?). I also notice that the current information
> on our website is very out of date and doesn't include skills like
> pyromancy.
> I am thinking about adding these definitions to the skills and presenting
> them to players when they learn the skills and updating all relevant
> documentation (in game, wiki, website).
> Based on the way spells are currently classified, and without getting too
> academic, I thought the following broad definitions might work:
> Evocation - Spells that remove energy (cold spells, poison, draining?,
> depletion?)
> Sorcery - Spells that create things (physical damage, food, strengthening)
> Pyromancy - Spells that add energy (fire, lightning, light)
> Summoning - Spells that call and control monsters (golems, pets, etc)
> Praying - Spells gifted by channeling your gods wishes through prayer
> Thoughts?
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