OK, I've fetched the archive of releases that Claude sent me, and am
going to set up a CVS repository with it in the next few days (maybe
sooner, but I'm alone with the kid this weekend, so my time is
currently a bit on the short side).  I just now made it secure (using
the OSSP Shiela ACL and log script, you can see it for yourself by
clicking in the right places at www.ossp.org) and ready for external
developpers (with no need to add accounts, all I will need is your SSH
key and the usual checkup).

With time, I will take in other people to help development, in a
meritocratic sort of way: do some work, send me patches that I don't
reject (key feature! :-)) and that are more than just a small bug fix,
and be patient.  Basicaly, show me your competence and make sure you
want to dedicate time on this project in a consistent way.

For other logistics, I assume the following changes will be needed:

- move of mailing list, unless Claude wants to keep managing that
- move of web site, of there is one (all I've found is ctwm.dl.nu, and
  if that one is fine with everyone, I sure don't mind one thing less
  to deal with.  I will need to know how releases have been handled so
  far, though).
- Unless I release to ctwm.dl.nu in some way, move of release
  repository.  I plan to distribute with HTTP only (because it's
  easier to handle in a firewall, that's all :-)).  No need for FTP
  here, and with nice utilities like wget, it's user-friendly too :-).

Anything else that I need to set up?  Ah, yes, I'm going to set up a
bug tracker using RT2 (why RT2?  Because I already know it, and it
works for my purposes).  When that one is up, I'd appreciate it if
anyone having a wish, a bug to report or a patch simply sent it that
way.  There will be mailing lists to handle this.

Now, some people here talked about licensing fees or something like
that.  I don't quite know how I will set something like that up, but
I'd sure appreciate some donations (regular ones would be great!), it
would diminish my need to spend time on "real jobs" or consulting
assignments.  Please tell me what information you need to make
something like this possible (I'm new at handling donations, so I'm
not sure wjat I need to tell you).

Any other questions that need to be answered?  Fire away!

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