Sarad AV <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Seriously, I *highly* doubt that any nation at this
> > time would *seriously*
> > think of bombing another nuclear-enabled nation with
> > a nuclear weapon.  It's
> > just suicide.
> Well-pakistan has been constantly nuclear black
> mailing india.They say that their nuclear options are
> always open and there is nothing india can do about
> it.When the hate grows logic doesn't work.Thats why
> one cannot do any thing about suicide bombing
> either.There are no winners in a nuclear war-thats
> certain.So the uneasy peace will prevail for a few
> more year.Things may change later.

You're leaving out stupidity.  I can only see two reasons for bombing with
nuclear weapons: hate and stupidity.

That being said, you'd have to *really* hate someone (or an entire country)
to actually /use/ a nuclear weapon.  Threatening is one thing.  Doing is

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