Why are  the suicide bombers after US troops-its the
hate.It does work .Yesterday at najaf(iraq)-a family
of 8 women and atleast 2 children were killed by
allied troops.They claimed that the vehicle sped
towards an allied check post.So they fired warning
shots to *stop* the vehicle.
When it didn't stop-they opened fire at the passenger
compartment.Then they figured out they were a
family(iraqi civilains fleeing).One of the women was
still hodling the bodies of 2 children and she refused
to step out.The allied troops maintained that they had
the right defend themself at check posts and any
They said that they would have to be careful of
suicide bombers.

When a vehicle tries to flee at high speed-how can
they be suicide bombers.A suicide bomber will go
slow,stop at the check post and see that he can kill
as many people as possible.
where was the logic in killing these civilians-and
this report was confirmed by allied soldiers.

For those who read this-the hate is growing,all over
the world.

> Silly PC language about how "when the hate grows
> logic doesn't work" is 
> pointless, Ghandian nonsense.
> If India does not withdraw from Kashmir, Pakistan
> will nuke Delhi, 
> Calcutta, Hyderabad, and the aptly-named Mumbai.

Thats part of the hate-you are condradicting.

> Jibberish about "hate" and "love" and "violence
> never solves anything" 
> needs to be introduced to Mr. Atom.
> > --Tim May

As long as the US thinks it can flex its muscles-the
going gets bad.The sooner it realises the better it is
for its citizens.


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