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And then the whole world dies, because of ... what?

Seriously, I *highly* doubt that any nation at this
time would *seriously*
think of bombing another nuclear-enabled nation with
a nuclear weapon.  It's
just suicide.

Well-pakistan has been constantly nuclear black mailing india.They say that their nuclear options are always open and there is nothing india can do about it.When the hate grows logic doesn't work.

Silly PC language about how "when the hate grows logic doesn't work" is pointless, Ghandian nonsense.

If India does not withdraw from Kashmir, Pakistan will nuke Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, and the aptly-named Mumbai.

Jibberish about "hate" and "love" and "violence never solves anything" needs to be introduced to Mr. Atom.

--Tim May
"The Constitution is a radical document...it is the job of the government to rein in people's rights." --President William J. Clinton

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