On 1 Apr 2003 at 11:48, Mike Rosing wrote:
> Which is why MAD works.  But a regular bombing run on a few 
> oil refineries would put the US in a world of hurt really 
> quickly, enough for them to pull a lot of their troops out of 
> places that happen to be too close to Russia and China. 
> Mexico isn't entirely happy with US policy, I'm sure they 
> could be bribed into letting the other powers use their air 
> and land space for a "limited" attack.  The US won't use  
> nukes to retaliate, which was the origin of this line of 
> argument.
> If Russia, Chaina and the EU really wanted to, they could use 
> conventional weapons and force the US to at least retreat 
> from trying to rule the world.

This supposes the US is trying to rule the world, which is not 
apparent -- at least not to the US.

An attack on the US "to stop it from trying to rule the world" 
would be perceived as a plain and simple attack, and would 
provoke a corresponding response.

If Russia bombs a US oil refinery with Mexican cooperation, the 
existing government in Mexico would wind up dead real fast, and 
some Russian ports would be in flames.

         James A. Donald

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