> > If Russia, Chaina and the EU really wanted to, they could use
> > conventional weapons and force the US to at least retreat
> > from trying to rule the world.
> This supposes the US is trying to rule the world, which is not
> apparent -- at least not to the US.

I am afraid it's more than just apparent. I personally am not exactly
comfortable with the idea of a wannabe world ruler, especially with
Bushites in charge.

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Subject: [gulfwar-2] FYI: the New American Century
From: Ben McGinnes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        Some here may have already seen articles in various news
papers and agencies about a U.S. think tank called the Project for the
New American Century (PNAC).  Specifically regarding a report drafted
by that group which promotes the benefit to the world of American
military supremacy.

Most of the news articles only cite the original article by the Irish
Sunday Herald:


This article is dated September 15th, last year and is somewhat sparse
in details of the report.  Those interested in seeing the report,
which given its origin and the who members of PNAC are, can obtain the
PDF from the PNAC website:


There is a HTML copy available here:


It makes for very interesting reading, especially given the number of
members of both the current and previous Bush Administrations involved
with PNAC.


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