On 1 Apr 2003 at 11:48, Mike Rosing wrote:
> Which is why MAD works.  But a regular bombing run on a few 
> oil refineries would put the US in a world of hurt really 
> quickly, enough for them to pull a lot of their troops out of 
> places that happen to be too close to Russia and China. 
> Mexico isn't entirely happy with US policy, I'm sure they 
> could be bribed into letting the other powers use their air 
> and land space for a "limited" attack.  The US won't use  
> nukes to retaliate, which was the origin of this line of 
> argument.

This "US will not retaliate" argument seems insane.  Maybe the 
US would not use nukes, but whatever it did use, everyone in 
the political apparatus of Mexico would be dead, and and some 
impressive bits of China and or Russia would be in flames.

The US, like every other organization and bunch of people, will 
respond if attacked.  What do you expect?    Its in our genes, 
since we were worms in the precambrian mud. 

         James A. Donald

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