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On 08/04/18 03:51 PM, Jean-Luc CECCOLI wrote:
>     > I don't know about your flow, but I set the DateTime on my camera so 
> that the
>     > value is 'correct'. perhaps your problem lies in your camera?
>     Because of those damned time shifting in spring and autumn !>     I 
> always forget to modify the time, and I only realize it several hours
>     after. So, I always have several photos whose time is wrong.

Yes, YOU have a problem.
I believe that Patrick has discussed a way of addressing this.

>     > But, as Patrick and Peter point out, and as I practice too, the file 
> name
>     tells me the datetime the photo was taken, and I organize based on that.

And THAT is much easier to adjust :-)

>     > I think you have workflow problems, not exif value problems.

'Faith' means not _wanting_ to know what is true.
        -- Nietzsche, Der Antichrist
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