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> On 07/04/18 03:22 PM, Jean-Luc CECCOLI wrote:
> > wonder why you feel offended by my first question - attempted you really 
> > read
> > and understood it -.
> "Offended"?
> I think you are attributing an emotion to me unjustly.
> > I am long from being able to undedrstand DT's code.
> > 
> > I just meant to ask : where does DT read the data it displays.
> In the file "exif.cc'.
> You can read it at
> https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/src/common/exif.cc
> > Then, you start speaking of semantics and think I'm someone very stupid - 
> > well,
> > I admit I sometimes can be inattentive and miss some details -.
> It is about English language semantics.
> "Original" has a very specific meaning.
> There is both
> "Date Time"
> and
> "DateTime(original)
> Alter the first and keep the second inviolate in case you ever need to 
> restore it.
If I understand correctly, those are values that will always kept untouched, 
whatever the app.
OK, so my answear could be replied to by "DT displays te date ant time read 
from 'Original Date/Time'"
> And all in all, I STRONGLY suggest that you take the advice offered by both
> Patrick and Peter and use the original rime to rename the file. I do this
> immediately after uploading and organize my images primarily by year/month. I
> may have subcategories of 'project-name' under that.
> Oh the joy of Linux! I can symlink across if needs be!
> >> You might also google for EXIF SEMANTICS
> >>
> > This still doesn't answear the question : why would you want me to do the
> > opposite of what I want ?
> Because you are doing the OPPOSITE of what you say you want.
I don't think (cf. below)
> > Why should I ignore the only tag that DT actually takes into account ?
> If you read the file that I refer to above you will see it says (@line 1350)
> // According to the Exif specs DateTime is to be set to the last modification
> time while
> // DateTimeOriginal is to be kept.
> // For us "keeping" it means to write out what we have in DB to support people
> adding a time offset in
> // the geotagging module.
> The "Original" time is always the time the image was taken.
> DT enforces that in the above code.
> But the simple "DateTime" *CAN* be altered, and is altered in the geotagging
> module. You may want to alter it as a result of GPS information.
> Fix timezone selection for geotagging on Windows
> > 
> > I know it is possible to specify an offset value from within DT, but this 
> > will
> > be lost as soon as the database is reset and/or the sidecar is erased.
> Yes.
> Well, it you must do that ... expect to loose a LOT more information as well
> when you delete the sidecar!
> > How will I remember, say, 6 months later, that some peculiar photos were 
> > shot
> > with wrong date / time value ?
> ?Excuse me?
> Why are they 'wrong' in the first place?
> I don't know about your flow, but I set the DateTime on my camera so that the
> value is 'correct'. perhaps your problem lies in your camera?
Because of those damned time shifting in spring and autumn !
I always forget to modify the time, and I only realize it several hours after. 
So, I always have several photos whose time is wrong.
> But, as Patrick and Peter point out, and as I practice too, the file name 
> tells
> me the datetime the photo was taken, and I organize based on that.
> I think you have workflow problems, not exif value problems.
I did never pretend it is exif value problem.
Just as written somewhere above : before going shooting, I check everything 
except the time of the camera.
I even bought a GPS module and set it to override the camera data, but it seems 
it doesn't work as expected - or, rather, from what you explained to me, that 
DT will never know about it, since the time it relies on will never be modified.
BTW : my web client seems to behave strangely at this time...
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