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> Am 07.04.2018 um 21:22 schrieb Jean-Luc CECCOLI:
> >...
> >Why should I ignore the only tag that DT actually takes into account ?
> >
> >As this is the one DT reads to display the information, why would I
> >have to let it wrong when I could modify it and have DT display the
> >correct value ?
> >
> >I know it is possible to specify an offset value from within DT, but
> >this will be lost as soon as the database is reset and/or the sidecar
> >is erased.
> >
> >How will I remember, say, 6 months later, that some peculiar photos
> were shot with wrong date / time value ?  Well, you won't, you use a
> computer to do that for you.
> Long ago, I found out that it is much more efficient to have the exif
> time stamp as filename, as it will not chance no matter which program
> you use to work on a picture.
> It also has the advantage that when you take pictures with different
> cameras at the same location you get easily just from the file name the
> chronological order.
> So, after I have corrected (if necessary) exif "DATe and Time original"
> I have renamed all pictures using the exif information to
> yyyymmdd_HHMMSS_plus_whatever.xyz

indeed, I rename all my files after import:
  exiv2 mv \-k \-r %y%m%d_%H%M%S_:basename: \.\/*.{nef,jpg}'


but, this uses the exif date within the file.  if the camera date-time was
incorrect, so would be my file names.  so before a shoot, I synchronize
the date-time on all of my bodies, then go shoot.

if I found that I incorrectly set the date-time, I would run another
script to offset the file name to the correct value.

but I do not change anything within the original file.  it's name will
provide the correct date-time.  and I can correct dt's database to show
the same using sqlitebrowser or ...

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