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>     > You might use 'exif -l' to find *all* the tags that involve data and 
> time for
>     > the various file formats.

Well did you?

>     > If I were you I'd leave the "Original" time alone and alter the simple
>     "Date and Time"
>     >
>     Could you please explain the reason why I should do that ? And how it 
> would
>     help DT display the corrected time ?

Perhaps it is that I'm a native English speaker and that the difference between
the SEMANTICS of the two tags is obvious to me me.

"Original" means just that.  It is the reference of the date and time the
original data was generated, regardless of how the 'Date and Time"
(non-original) gets altered.  This is also different from the times and date the
file was created and the time and date the file was altered.  If you use GPS
then there may also be a record of the date and time the GPS recording was made.
if you were in burst mode, then the date/time  the image was digitized and the
date/time it was 'recorded' might differ.  If you are working in RAW mode then
the RAW file may also have viewfinder/panel JPG (?live view?) and  thumbnail
embedded, and their times, different from the time the imnge itself was
digitized, may also be recoded.
(I won't get into the audio date and time stamps.)
Which is why I asked you to look at all the other tags.

Exif is nothing if not comprehensive!

Since I take the advice that Patrick echoes and don't alter[1] the values in the
RAW file I don't encounter your problem so never worry about how DT handles
this, but if it bothers you then of course why don't you look at the source 

You might also google for EXIF SEMANTICS

[1] Other than adding a copyright appropriate field as the standard implied.
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