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> On 07/04/18 07:24 AM, Jean-Luc CECCOLI wrote:
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> > > You might use 'exif -l' to find *all* the tags that involve data and time 
> > > for
> > > the various file formats.
> Well did you?
> > > If I were you I'd leave the "Original" time alone and alter the simple
> > "Date and Time"
> > >
> > Could you please explain the reason why I should do that ? And how it would
> > help DT display the corrected time ?
> Perhaps it is that I'm a native English speaker and that the difference 
> between
> the SEMANTICS of the two tags is obvious to me me.
> "Original" means just that. It is the reference of the date and time the
> original data was generated, regardless of how the 'Date and Time"
> (non-original) gets altered. This is also different from the times and date 
> the
> file was created and the time and date the file was altered. If you use GPS
> then there may also be a record of the date and time the GPS recording was 
> made.
> if you were in burst mode, then the date/time the image was digitized and the
> date/time it was 'recorded' might differ. If you are working in RAW mode then
> the RAW file may also have viewfinder/panel JPG (?live view?) and thumbnail
> embedded, and their times, different from the time the imnge itself was
> digitized, may also be recoded.
> (I won't get into the audio date and time stamps.)
> Which is why I asked you to look at all the other tags.
> Exif is nothing if not comprehensive!
> Since I take the advice that Patrick echoes and don't alter[1] the values in 
> the
> RAW file I don't encounter your problem so never worry about how DT handles
> this, but if it bothers you then of course why don't you look at the source 
> code?


I wonder why you feel offended by my first question - attempted you really read 
and understood it -.

I am long from being able to undedrstand DT's code.

I just meant to ask : where does DT read the data it displays.

Then, you start speaking of semantics and think I'm someone very stupid - well, 
I admit I sometimes can be inattentive and miss some details -.
> You might also google for EXIF SEMANTICS
This still doesn't answear the question : why would you want me to do the 
opposite of what I want ?

Why should I ignore the only tag that DT actually takes into account ?

As this is the one DT reads to display the information, why would I have to let 
it wrong when I could modify it and have DT display the correct value ?

I know it is possible to specify an offset value from within DT, but this will 
be lost as soon as the database is reset and/or the sidecar is erased.

How will I remember, say, 6 months later, that some peculiar photos were shot 
with wrong date / time value ?

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