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<snip a large writeup>

... I would suggest that there are two easy possibilities to maintain 
as an all-community announce account while still allowing riba ...

I am not sure which event(s) from roughly 2014-onwards leave anyone with the impression that I am in any way interested in any participation in anything that can be labeled as "all-community".

As far as I am concerned there is no dispute nor a crisis here. I took the account onwards as to not have it wither like everything else. This has now been reverted. I have no interest in arguing one way or another any further ( as per the quoted tweet - there is no point ).

Since you are reading this storm-in-a-cup distraction anyway: please vote at the linked poll whether you'd be interested in future twitter-announcements on various DBIC-and-related-stuff matters, or whether the tweet-craze has ran its course: https://twitter.com/ribasushi/status/958716479708463104

Cheers, and apologies for once again bringing an mst to your INBOX :/

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