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Putting aside the history of who created what, I would say it makes a lot of
sense for an account with the exact name of the DBIx::Class project
https://twitter.com/dbix_class to be specific to that project, and if that's the
case, under Peter's control.

Putting aside historical use, a different name that represents a wider range of
projects should maybe be more fitting, such as perl_database; I'm not stuck on
that example but I will note it isn't currently registered / gets a 404.

And why should a community channel be named after a single
non-required-by-the-others project in the community, is that fair to the other

Your sentiment would make sense if this was the first day of DBIC, but even if 
you wish to put aside history, it exists.

DBIC, SQLA, SQLT and the DBIx::Class::* namespace were significantly developed 
as a single sprawling interlocked set of collaborators, and the twitter account 
and IRC channel and mailing list have always reflected that.

So this is not only what it was and is, but also what its followers expect.

Thus i think when considering these it would be good to keep in mind one of 
Perl's core values: Backwards compatibility.

With regards,
Christian Walde

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