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May I make a suggestion?

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How does that sound?

It sounds... not applicable to the situation at all. I think this "conversation" has gotten out of hand. I am replying one last time, to set the record straight. If you want to keep trying to convince me of anything - please do so in private as to not waste the time of hundreds of sucbscribers on this mailing list.

Please do not try to reinterpret anything I say below to be make it more palatable. My conditions were clear: I was coming back to this neglected project, which lost tons of momentum and a sizable chunk of its userbase after a failed governance experiment. The comeback was exclusively predicated on a clean break with the past, giving me sole discretion autonomy and authority over the project going forward. All recent events are adjustments in line with this break.

For the record: I do not have access to the account and it is ( to the best of my knowledge ) currently in Jess' possession. As I said back in [1] - I am not contesting this further.

As far as my opinion is concerned:

- I do not see any reason to make further changes to the current state of the @dbix_class twitter account - I do not see anything since ~2013 scoped to the account in question worthy of recognition
- I do not see any grounds for apologies
- I do not see any compelling reason to attempt establishing an open announcement channel with the current account owners

Now back to actual work, as soon as time permits.


Timeline of the incident for the curious:

*Before* mst wrote to the list the following took place:

- I was given (sic) "Overall control of the project" on Jan 22nd

- I consolidated several pieces I deemed important for the projects future on Jan 23rd

- On Jan 29th someone noticed the account changed hands, and a request for access was file with twitter ( I do not know who did this: Jess or Matt, or someone else )

- On Jan 30th I started getting contacted in private by two people trying to "mediate" the situation. Unless I misunderstood at least one of them was asked specifically by Matt to talk to me

- Having no desire to spend too much time on something as inconsequential as a twitter account with 500 followers, and having no desire to look for middle ground with the "old guard" I ceased attempts to file complaints with twitter

- I irrevocably distanced myself from it[1] and asked in a relevant forum whether a different account would be desirable[2]

*After* all of the above, hours after [1] and [2] have taken place, mst opens this current thread. The thread is constructed as an attempt at a conversation, even though I have openly walked away from the situation, have nothing I would like to add and have communicated that clearly to the folks that were sent my way.

[1] https://twitter.com/ribasushi/status/958611378234904576
[2] https://twitter.com/ribasushi/status/958716479708463104

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