On 8/11/19 9:08 PM, yuesu jin wrote:
> AH... I understand,/*cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[Directory you want to 
> install] [Directory you build the program]*/

No, the second [...] block is the directory where the sources are located, not 
where you build the program. The directory where you build the program is the 
directory you are currently in when you call 'cmake'.

> I have installed it again in a new folder, the folder now is 3.6GB, which 
> means something has been installed in that. But the message is still there:
> **************************************************
> [100%] Building CXX object source/CMakeFiles/deal_II.dir/dummy.cc.o
> [100%] Linking CXX shared library ../lib/libdeal_II.so
> [100%] Built target deal_II
> Install the project...
> -- Install configuration: "DebugRelease"
> CMake Error at cmake/scripts/cmake_install.cmake:36 (file):
>    file INSTALL cannot set permissions on
>    "/path/to/install/dir/share/deal.II/scripts/normalize.pl 
> <http://normalize.pl>"

You still have the /path/to/install/dir/ here. Delete the build directory and 
start from scratch.


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