El 28/9/23 a las 11:50, Julien Cristau escribió:
I still think that is absolutely the wrong thing to do, and makes
debootstrap more fragile for no good reason.

Julien, I believe you are mixing two different things here.

(A) What this bug is really about.

(B) What the effect of the bug is.

The bug (A) is that debootstrap, being the tool used to create chroots
to build packages, has the responsibility of ensuring that
the chroot is composed by build-essential packages only, and it
should try hard not to install packages which are not build-essential.

In other words, the bug says that the algorithm followed by debootstrap
to determine which packages should be installed is *flawed*.

Then there is the effect of the bug (B). The effect, obviously,
is that we end up having non-build-essential packages in a chroot
when using the buildd profile, which is definitely not ok.

Why do you suggest that we fix only the effects of the bug but not
the bug itself? In other words: Why are you apparently mixing (A) and (B)
as if they were the same thing?

True, the ftpmasters might change priorities so that debootstrap
does the right thing by default, but this would be "by pure chance",
as the algorithm would still be wrong.

Even if they change the priorities today, it would suffice that
some day another essential package becomes non-essential but still required,
and then we would have to wait another seven years for debootstrap
to do the right thing again.

We could avoid all that by fixing debootstrap once and for good.

If you think a particular package shouldn't be priority:required
then file a bug against ftp.debian.org to change it.

That may also be true, but it's not the bug that was reported here.


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