Quoting Santiago Vila (2023-10-12 17:56:04)
> Johannes has asked the RMs in this thread:
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2023/10/msg00425.html
> if they are ready to consider the bugs as RC. I believe it would be better
> if we can make the bugs "factually" RC by uploading the fixed debootstrap 
> first.

I do not have a strong opinion on what should happen first but in that thread,
Holger and Sam also support the idea to first upload debootstrap.

My thought process behind asking the release team about the bug severity was,
that I found it unlikely for the remaining bugs to go down to zero without the
release team declaring that those bugs are indeed of significant severity.

Paul Gevers suggested that I should NMU to DELAYED/10 without raising the

There are not many packages remaining, so I'm impartial on how this is moved

On a different topic: this change in debootstrap will break mmdebstrap because
mmdebstrap compares its own output against the output of debootstrap to verify
that it does the right thing. Here is the patch to mmdebstrap that fixes this

@@ -2955,15 +2966,15 @@ sub run_install() {
     my @pkgs_to_install = (@{ $options->{include} });
     if ($options->{variant} eq 'buildd') {
-        push @pkgs_to_install, 'build-essential';
+        push @pkgs_to_install, 'build-essential', 'apt';
     if (any { $_ eq $options->{variant} }
-        ('required', 'important', 'standard', 'buildd')) {
+        ('required', 'important', 'standard')) {
         # Many of the priority:required packages are also essential:yes. We
         # make sure not to select those here to avoid useless "xxx is already
         # the newest version" messages.
         my $priority;
-        if (any { $_ eq $options->{variant} } ('required', 'buildd')) {
+        if (any { $_ eq $options->{variant} } ('required')) {
             $priority = '?and(?priority(required),?not(?essential))';
         } elsif ($options->{variant} eq 'important') {
             $priority = '?and(?or(?priority(required),?priority(important)),'

I verified that the patch from the MR indeed ends up doing the same as above
patch to mmdebstrap.


cheers, josch

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