Hi Luca,

Quoting Luca Boccassi (2023-10-18 19:38:16)
> Thanks - I'll merge and do an upload over the weekend then

thank you for your upload!! :D

I temporarily subscribed to debootstrap via tracker.d.o so that I hopefully
catch any bug report coming in related to this change.

I also re-triggered some autopkgtests that were flaky and where re-running them
now makes all the reverse dependencies work.

Well, not all the reverse dependencies. The autopkgtest of mmdebstrap broke as
expected, which is of course also good because it matches our expectations.

I have the fix for this locally and am currently running the mmdebstrap test
suite with the fix I posted in my last mail. This made me find another change
that was necessary. /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/debian-common sets up
/etc/localtime if it doesn't exist yet. This code-path was probably not taken
so far because tzdata was always installed? In any case, I think this is
harmless and doesn't require any changes.

Then I worried that we forgot to update the man page after this change.
Luckily, the man page only points out that the buildd profile installs
build-essential and does not talk about priority:required packages, so that
checks out. What could maybe be added is, that the buildd variant installs
build-essential *and* apt which is the remaining exception to the rule.

I will upload mmdebstrap with the required changes after the test suite
finished in about six hours.

Thanks again!

cheers, josch

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