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> Hi,
> On 5/11/23 10:59, Sean Whitton wrote:
> >> Dear ctte, please consider overruling the dpkg maintainer to
> >> the patch from #994388[1].
> > Currently dpkg contains code to emit the merged-/usr warning,
> > dead code on Debian, but which becomes active when packages from
> > Debian archive are copied unmodified into derivatives.
> The way I see it (but I'm not a dpkg maintainer), the current 
> implementation is correct, as dpkg does not support aliased
> but Debian has decided to use it in such an environment nonetheless.
> tech-ctte decision not to roll back usrmerge accepts responsibility
> this decision, so silencing the warning on Debian is correct, but no
> has accepted that responsibility for derived distributions.
> Any derived distribution can easily go on record and request
> in the list of distributions where this warning is suppressed, by
> the phrase "Yes, I understand that this is a bad idea." into an email
> client.

The crux of the issue is that we are hearing how negatively affecting
derivatives in any way, even purely theoretically, is a big no-no, in
this very same thread and topic. Reaching out and asking for
directions/help/whatever is not enough in that context. So it follows
that it cannot be enough in this context either, and it must be fixed

Or alternatively, we can establish that a documentation/post-facto
approach is enough for derivatives, and then that's valid for all
changes and transitions.

Either of these are valid approaches.

What I cannot find acceptable is that some changes get a free pass, and
some get roadblocks after roadblocks thrown at them.

Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi

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