Matthew Garrett writes:
> With my non-CTTE hat on, I think this is a demonstration that Debian 
> *does* care about derivatives. It's important to ensure that derivatives 
> are aware of the subtle interactions between dpkg and usrmerge, 
> otherwise they may suffer from hard to diagnose issues on upgrades. The 
> message from dpkg says nothing about reverting to split-/usr, and 
> instead points at a wiki page. If our documentation on how to avoid 
> these issues is incomplete (ie, if we're only describing how to avoid it 
> by using split-/usr rather than describing the mitigations we've imposed 
> within Debian to avoid triggering the issues), perhaps a better approach 
> would be to improve that documentation? We don't benefit our users by 
> pretending there isn't a problem here.

Okay, I followed your recommendation and added a small warning to the


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