This one time, at band camp, Francesco Poli said:
> This still concerns me...
> I have previously discussed the issue on debian-legal, but I'm not yet
> convinced that this clause passes the DFSG.
> What I do not understand basically boils down to:
>   How can a license (allow a licensor to) forbid an accurate credit
>   and meet the DFSG at the same time?

This one time, at band camp, Matthew Garrett said:
> Francesco Poli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 00:45:08 +0100 Matthew Garrett wrote:
> >> It seems entirely in line with the Chinese Dissident lala.
> > 
> > If you disagree with my reasoning, as you seem to, I would like to hear
> > a convincing rebuttal, rather than a sarcastic comment.
> > 
> > Please show me where and why I am wrong: I would be happy to be
> > persuaded that this is not a freeness issue.
> If it's important that Chinese Dissidents be able to release software 
> without putting their name all over it or telling anyone about it, it 
> would seem logical for them to be able to ensure that they be able to 
> demand people remove any credits that they may have accidently left on 
> a piece of software.

This one time, at band camp, Francesco Poli said:
> I don't think that this clause was designed with such a scenario in
> mind.
> I'm pretty sure that its goal is preventing that an ugly Adaptation
> reflects on the Original Author's reputation.  As I already stated
> elsewhere, clarifying that the Adaptation is not the Original Work, but
> the result of modifications made by someone else, is IMO sufficient to
> prevent any negative impacts on the Original Author's reputation.

And why do you think this violates the DFSG?  Clause 3, which you are
citing, says that the license must allow derived works, and must allow
derivates to be licensed under the same terms as the original license.
I see nothing in there that even remotely implies the original author
can't take their name out of it.  Leaving aside practical issues, how
are you arguing that a request to remove a name either changes the
licensing terms or prohibits derivation?
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