This one time, at band camp, Francesco Poli said:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 04:25:31 +0200 Evan Prodromou wrote:
> > Considering that we think it's OK for the author to request to be 
> > /added/ to the authorship credits,
> Let me understand this better, because I cannot remember having
> discussed it before...
> Is it OK for the author to request to be added to the credits even when
> satisfying the request would cause the authorship credits to become
> inaccurate?
> Can I request to be added to the authorship credits of a work I took
> really really little part in?
> Can I do the same for a work I never contributed to in any manner?

Why would it be?  And what reason do you have to think these bizarre
queries are related to the issue at hand?
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