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> Francesco Poli writes:
> > Well, it prohibits an entire class of derivative works: the ones
> > that (accurately) credit the author of the original work!
> The Berne Convention (section 6bis), and droit d'auteur regimes even
> before ratification of the Berne Convention, allow an author to
> "object to" -- presumably in court -- any modifications of his work(s)
> that would be prejudicial to the author's honor or reputation.
> Thus, if the author
> is worried enough about attributions that they dislike (and note that
> some upstream authors of software in Debian are notorious about this),
> he is likely to get his way even if the license does not explicitly
> require removing his name.

This may be true, but the fact the laws give authors some right, does
not mean that reserving or using this right is compatible with the DFSG.

Many author's economic rights cannot be (fully) reserved, if one wants
the work to be DFSG-free.
Author's moral rights are inalienable, so the issue is a bit different
for them, but I'd rather avoid opening that can of worms right now...

But it is also tradition that times *must* and always
do change, my friend.   -- from _Coming to America_
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