Marco d'Itri wrote:

Well, it prohibits an entire class of derivative works: the ones that
(accurately) credit the author of the original work!
As I said elsewhere: I can release an annotate version of a CC-licensed
novel, but I could be forbidden to accurately acknowledge the authorship
of the novel I comment on!
Don't you feel it's awkward?
No. I feel that it is very reasonable for the author of a work to be
able to request to not be credited if for some reason he does not want
to be associated with some derivative works.
Creative Commons did what we recommended here:

That is, they limited the removal requirements only to authorship credits.

I think the general consensus was that it's OK to request reasonable modifications to "metadata" like authorship credits, but not to request modifications to the work itself.

Considering that we think it's OK for the author to request to be /added/ to the authorship credits, it seems strange to say that it's incompatible for them to request to be /removed /from the authorship credits.


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