Hi Adrian,

ok, just let me know if you want an XVR-1200 to investigate (if you even have 
the time to do it) and the required hardware to fit the XVR-1200.

Strange thing, yes, I had /boot with a size of 512MB (as I had in the 
screenshot). https://ibb.co/P9FfdwS



´╗┐Am 27.08.21, 19:02 schrieb "John Paul Adrian Glaubitz" 

    > On Aug 25, 2021, at 10:18 PM, James Bond <bond6...@googlemail.com> wrote:
    > 1). The Intenso CDRs are crap. I burnt a new disc and this one started 

    Yes, good quality CD-Rs are important.

    > 2). Before retrying to reinstall Debian I had booted into Solaris and 
thought rit would be a good moment to give Debian a try. And suddenly after 
loading Grub and some error messages that I have had before as well the 
installer switched mode and no fizzy screen output! So it looks like the 
XVR-1200 needs a pre-initialization and then the Debian terminal installer 

    Yes, it seems the card needs to be initialized and I assume the Linux 
kernel driver is missing something here. Firmware maybe which does the 

    > 4). Is there a size limitation with Debian sparc64? Wanted to install on 
one of the 146GB internal disks but during portioning I get the "warning" that 
the disk has "562253" cylinders which is greater than the maximum of "65536". 
The installer continues but when rebooting from the disk it stops with:
    > Can't open disk2

    There is no size limitation, but if you use GRUB with linked blocklists 
(anything older that SPARC T4), the partition which contains /boot must not be 
too large.

    The installer will normally choose a small, separate /boot partition for 
that matter. So you run into this issue, it means you either deleted the /boot 
partition or your /boot partition is larger than a few GB (forgot the exact 


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