Hi Adrian,

sorry for the confusion (James Bond is not my real name, just used for gmail __)

Ignacio aka Iggi is my name.

Ok, I am back tomorrow in my retro office and will dump what happens after the 
"boot cdrom" command .. but as I said there is not much more than what I wrote 
with regards to not finding "kernel/unix". Details will follow.

It would be awesome if we can find a developer that would be willing to provide 
DRM drivers for at least those sparc64 machines that are still available .. 
well then I can at least can watch "James Bond" on my SPARCs __

What do you mean by "slightly older"? I did find the one where you provided the 
link and the "old" one that generates the frizzy screen.



´╗┐Am 24.08.21, 15:33 schrieb "John Paul Adrian Glaubitz" 

    Hello James

    On 8/24/21 3:31 PM, James Bond wrote:
    > tested on Sun Blade 1500/2500 (both silver) with an XVR-1200.
    > The "older" image at least booted to the point where you have the 
    > screen, the "latest" iso does not even come that far. On both machines.

    I need some error messages.

    It's not really possible to diagnose the problem without more information.

    Also, you can try a slightly older image.


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