Hi Adrian,

so today`s test revealed.

1). The Intenso CDRs are crap. I burnt a new disc and this one started Grub
2). Before retrying to reinstall Debian I had booted into Solaris and thought 
rit would be a good moment to give Debian a try. And suddenly after loading 
Grub and some error messages that I have had before as well the installer 
switched mode and no fizzy screen output! So it looks like the XVR-1200 needs a 
pre-initialization and then the Debian terminal installer works.
3). So I tuned my Blade 2500 (silver) off and wanted to reproduce the symptoms. 
Booting straight into the Debian CD installer produced the frizzy screen output 
I had before. I booted into Solaris, rebooted and then redid the Debian 
installation and no frizzy output with the installer.
4). Is there a size limitation with Debian sparc64? Wanted to install on one of 
the 146GB internal disks but during portioning I get the "warning" that the 
disk has "562253" cylinders which is greater than the maximum of "65536". The 
installer continues but when rebooting from the disk it stops with:
Can't open disk2

Warning: Fcode sequence resulted in a net stack depth change of -24

Evaluating: the file just loaded does not appear to be executable.


Btw. If you would like to investigate the XVR-1200 initialization problem I 
could send you one of my XVR-1200 that are within the big box blades.



´╗┐Am 24.08.21, 15:33 schrieb "John Paul Adrian Glaubitz" 

    Hello James

    On 8/24/21 3:31 PM, James Bond wrote:
    > tested on Sun Blade 1500/2500 (both silver) with an XVR-1200.
    > The "older" image at least booted to the point where you have the 
    > screen, the "latest" iso does not even come that far. On both machines.

    I need some error messages.

    It's not really possible to diagnose the problem without more information.

    Also, you can try a slightly older image.


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