There's a lot of conflicting documentation out there for installing WordPress on Debian, so I thought I'd come to you folks, who generally have a lot of wisdom and knowledge in all things Debian.

This will wind up being more a theoretical discussion than a specific question of how-to, I'm afraid....

Understand I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to Apache2 and WordPress and MySQL, etc (and to web stuff in general).

It seems that some docs indicate that the WordPress (WP) should put part of its installation in /srv, and part in /usr/lib, and part in /var/lib, and part in /var/www, etc.

On a philosophical/theoretical level, I want all my web-facing stuff on a single partition, preferably /home (as in /home/web), so that visitors to the site have no ability to tinker on the other partitions. Why would the HFS recommend that user-accessible files be on system partitions instead of on "safer" partitions?

Am I thinking wrongly?

I don't really even know enough to ask the right questions, but I'm hoping this might stir some conversations that lead me to asking the right questions. When I try to put my WP stuff on /home/web, I get confused about what goes where (because of the conflicting documentation, and not knowing what the various parts of Apaceh2/WP/mysql do),, and I get varying levels of success (but mostly failure) depending on what I try.

Thanks for any insight!

Kent West     <*)))><
Praise Yah! \o/

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