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I make a new user on the server for each new WP site, and then install
their WP in /home/$user/www . much simpler than having bits of it all
over the machine.

So what I'm hearing is that I should forego using apt/aptitude to install
WordPress, and just install in manually?
Neither of those people appear to reveal their update policy or how
they deal with security fixes.

I just use the built in WordPress updater - which takes care of everything. No need to worry about whether some packager has updated both the core and every theme and module that I use (guaranteed, they haven't).

Now, when it comes to perl based systems, such as the sympa mailing list manager (mailman, too for that matter), - better to use cpan to install and update all of one's perl system and modules.

As to security fixes - those are far more likely to come from upstream, in a timely manner.

Apt is a fantastic package management system, for widely used things, that don't change very often. For anything else, relying on human packagers is a recipe for disaster - particularly when dealing with, potentially, 3 layers of packaging (the upstream package, an intermediate packaging system like cpan, and the Debian repository.)

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