On 09/19/2016 12:26 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
On 9/19/16 12:20 PM, Tony Baldwin wrote:

I have always downloaded the latest from wordpress, created a DB  on
my server and basically manually installed the upstream pkg (which I
know is often discouraged here, but if you do it Our Way (ie. the
Debian Way,
aka the Right Way for most stuff), and then ask any questions on
#wordpress on freenode, they get all nasty (I've been banned from the
channel for life!)
I make a new user on the server for each new WP site, and then install
their WP in /home/$user/www . much simpler than having bits of it all
over the machine.
I do the same with dokuwiki installations and other CMS or site
platforms, too, installing from upstream.

That's what I do as well.  For complex software (e.g., WordPress,
Drupal, mailing list managers), I always end up downloading the latest
tarball, unpacking it, and then ./config; make; make test; make
install.  It all just works so much better than relying on out-of-date

If I want to get ambitious, and keep track of things via the package
manager, I use checkinstall.

Miles Fidelman

I like stuff in git repos (like hubzilla, gnu/social, etc) or with its own built-in updating mechanism, like WP has (dokuwiki has a plugin for that) to facilitate updating stuff. At home (as opposed to my remote servers) I tend to install only Debian pkgs, except for OmegaT my most used work application, which always install from upstream (ours is often 2 years behind the latest),
and I wish they'd put it on github, or gitorious, or similar.

all tony, all the time

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