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I make a new user on the server for each new WP site, and then install
their WP in /home/$user/www . much simpler than having bits of it all
over the machine.

So what I'm hearing is that I should forego using apt/aptitude to install
WordPress, and just install in manually?

Neither of those people appear to reveal their update policy or how
they deal with security fixes.

I use WP's built in updater once/month to keep those up to date, and generally keep the debian installation updated at about the same frequency with aptitude. the dokuwikis don't get updates as often but when there's an update available. I generally install it asap.
with some of those other things, I routinely pulled from github or wherever.


Oh, I forgot to emphasize my broader question: am I correct in thinking
that pieces of a web server should not be strewn about on the file system,
simply because it conceptually exposes those parts of the file system to

No. The Debian packaging system is designed to take care of tracking
where files are installed, and updating, or even removing, them correctly.

The files are "scattered" to their appropriate locations, but not in a
careless manner. Take a look at the (recently updated) FHS at
to see why that is so. (Don't download the text version; you need the
formatting to make sense of it.)


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