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>> On 09/19/2016 12:26 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>> On 9/19/16 12:20 PM, Tony Baldwin wrote:
>>> I make a new user on the server for each new WP site, and then install
>>>> their WP in /home/$user/www . much simpler than having bits of it all
>>>> over the machine.

> So what I'm hearing is that I should forego using apt/aptitude to install
> WordPress, and just install in manually?

Oh, I forgot to emphasize my broader question: am I correct in thinking
that pieces of a web server should not be strewn about on the file system,
simply because it conceptually exposes those parts of the file system to

Tony, by "$user" ("/home/$user/www"), do you mean something like
"/home/mywidgetfactory/www" for your web site named "My Widget Factory" and
"/home/nutsandbolts/www" for your web site named "Nuts, Bolts, Screws, and
Banana Peels", both sites being served from the same physical (or virtual)
Debian box?

Does each web site need its own complete WordPress installation? (I would
expect some of the WordPress installation to be on various partitions, such
as "/usr/share" and "/usr/lib", but only those portions that are common to
all the WordPress sites, which are configured by the admin once and then
pretty much left alone, but I would expect site-specific info to be away
from those system partitions, and instead be stored some place like
"/home/$user/www", or in my first-attempted case, in


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