Daniel Bareiro:
> I am planning to migrate about 200 e-mail accounts from a mail server
> using Dovecot to a mail server running Cyrus.

Sounds weird! I though most people migrate _to_ Dovecot nowadays (if
they haven't already). Care to elaborate the reasons? I don't want to
discuss it, I am just curious.

> The idea is to migrate emails maintaining the status read, unread, etc,
> and also synchronize Draft, Sent and Trash folders in each mailbox.
> I think the best will be make it through IMAP. This would also be
> agnostic to the storage mechanism used (MAILDIR, system users accounts,
> etc) in the source and destination servers. Following this course of
> action, I found this [1] interesting article written by Falko Timme in
> HowtoForge.

Offlineimap can also do IMAP to IMAP synchronization. The author of
imapsync mentions it on [4] as well.

> [4] https://imapsync.lamiral.info


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