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>> I am planning to migrate about 200 e-mail accounts from a mail server
>> using Dovecot to a mail server running Cyrus.

> Sounds weird! I though most people migrate _to_ Dovecot nowadays (if
> they haven't already). Care to elaborate the reasons? I don't want to
> discuss it, I am just curious.

No problem. On the contrary. I appreciate your interest :-) It is not
about migrate to a different IMAP server but a problem of the
environment itself. It turns out that people who supposedly were dealing
with that server, abandoned it too much. It is a server with Squeeze and
they do not even bother to use the LTS repositories, so more than two
years ago that server is without security updates.

So I thought it would be less painful to do a clean installation of
Jessie and migrate everything to this new server (using Cyrus IMAP). But
beyond that, most worrying is on that server without updating for so
long is the institutional website exposed to anything.

So that is a not minor matter that we have to consider to be sure that
this site will work with the PHP version of Jessie. I think both options
(upgrade to Jessie from the current state, such as migrating to a new
host with Jessie) take a lot of work, but I think the second alternative
will be less painful and allow me to have a better control over
migration as well as divide it into several phases. Anyway, all comments
are welcome :-)

>> The idea is to migrate emails maintaining the status read, unread, etc,
>> and also synchronize Draft, Sent and Trash folders in each mailbox.
>> I think the best will be make it through IMAP. This would also be
>> agnostic to the storage mechanism used (MAILDIR, system users accounts,
>> etc) in the source and destination servers. Following this course of
>> action, I found this [1] interesting article written by Falko Timme in
>> HowtoForge.

> Offlineimap can also do IMAP to IMAP synchronization. The author of
> imapsync mentions it on [4] as well.

Thank you. I'll take a look.

Kind regards,

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