Daniel Bareiro:
> On 14/10/16 16:30, Jochen Spieker wrote:
>>> I am planning to migrate about 200 e-mail accounts from a mail server
>>> using Dovecot to a mail server running Cyrus.
>> Sounds weird! I though most people migrate _to_ Dovecot nowadays (if
>> they haven't already). Care to elaborate the reasons? I don't want to
>> discuss it, I am just curious.
> […]
> So that is a not minor matter that we have to consider to be sure that
> this site will work with the PHP version of Jessie. I think both options
> (upgrade to Jessie from the current state, such as migrating to a new
> host with Jessie) take a lot of work, but I think the second alternative
> will be less painful and allow me to have a better control over
> migration as well as divide it into several phases. Anyway, all comments
> are welcome :-)

Sounds reasonable, if the machine running Cyrus already exists and you
are as familiar with Cyrus as with Dovecot. Running mail and web on
different machines is probably generally a good idea anyway.

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