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> hello,
> I have a lot of difficulties to use my Canon ip 4850 in Jessie.
> The guntenprint driver reconize my printer. I doesn't get the paper from
> the cassette; anyway I choose cassette instead of automatic and after
> rebooting the printer print a dozen of page test.Nice !
> The problem is, every time i print a document, the first page is
> "Confidential" with all data of the printer and after it prints my document.
> Not really ecologic for the paper lost.
> Any idea ?

Apparently the cassette business is a known problem (I mean others have
remarked that you must choose 'cassette' as the default tray).

It appears you have a banner page; have you tried navigating with your
browser to localhost:631/admin default options/Banners and setting
'Starting banner' and 'Ending banner' to 'none,' if one or both are
indeed set to 'classified?'

Another way, I believe, to turn off an eventual banner is to execute the
following command in an xterm (you might have to be in administrative

lpadmin -o job-sheets-default=none

> PS : Sorry for my poor english
> ML

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