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So tl;dr: This is the design list, we do 1/ "Identify core needs and usecases"
here. No tools/platform discussion[1]. Next up would be finding enthusiastic
people willing to work on this.
... I agree with the critiques that the old ‘requirements’-document has way too 
many requirements.
It was a _description_ of the current site, basis for a discussion how to improve, and served now for the new requirements document that consider needs from the scratch. I recommend to keep this thread plain as "check askbot" and to do the usability work in the other thread I started this morning.

Let’s start with some stake holders (not extensive):

The users
- Want to find extensions that solve their needs (and that are trustworthy / 
reliable / of quality)
- Want to help users find the best extensions as simply as possible
The extension creators
- Want to make their extension findable <>
- Wants the site to be maintained well
I definitely like this way to think. What always bothers me is "extension and template" as if there is code (macros) and templates. We can and do share more right now (color palettes, icon themes, gallery images etc.) and plan to offer more. Thus two types of "creators" contribute: those who could also share their stuff on Github and others who are not too tech-savvy. As for the users I wish to not need to go to some ther place but have direct access in the program Nevertheless we need it for some use cases.

Thanks for commenting,

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