Hi Bjoern,

> Stating that a classic CMS is by definition better suited for the task at hand
> than something more interactive like discourse is a foregone conclusion. Given
> that the lack of community involvement is the core reason for many limitations
> of the current setup, its not a valid one.

I think the quickest route to success is adopting a proven framework for 
hosting extensions. If you want to build something unique start from scratch, 
I’d use a generic framework (again, not sure about Plone, I couldn’t find the 
repo for the current site), but really never a framework made for a very 
specific function. I’ve been there (helping others professionaly) and pulling 
my hair out as a developer when I was asked to add some new functionality that 
didn’t align with the core functionality that that specific framework offered. 

>> - Lack of integration with LibreOffice? -> Create an API on top of the
>> current database and integrate it with LibreOffice (another thing that I
>> guess would be hard to realize with a foundation based on Askbot)
>> [...]
>> - Lack of moderators? -> All of the above?
> Please dont guess or speculate on this, you will likely get it wrong. This is
> something that needs to be evaluated by trying.

Sure, these are questions. But I’d always want to try the simplest route that 
also is promising for future development and do basic experiments in the 
current situation when possible that will learn us something more about the 
requirements. You’ve been suggesting starting with a MVP on ask.libreoffice.org 
<http://ask.libreoffice.org/>. Sure, try the templates function, you always 
learn, but I can assure you it will be a deadlock when you want to grow it into 
a full fledged extensions site. Look at the growing list of ideas. One day you 
want features comparable to other platforms and I can’t see how a Q/A platform 
will get us there.

>> I really doubt that OAuth or not has anything to do with it. Localisation, 
>> probably yes.
> Well, where do the 45.000 accounts on askbot come from? The site is far from
> being perfect, but still doing better that all other forums we have. OAuth 
> etc.
> certainly has a role in that, as does gamification, badges and social media
> integration.

Sure, but again, I doubt it matters to an extensions website. Mozilla has no 
OAuth, and still has imho a great extensions website. In an ideal world 
everyone contributes and consumes, but in reality it is just a small 
percentage. Especially when it comes to more complicated stuff like building 
extensions and quality themes.

> For the community the decision should go with the team that gets the most
> content, interaction and users on their platform. 

Interaction & users should imho not be the primary goal for an extensions 
website, great extensions should be. If clearly communicated, I strongly 
believe the 1% of users that is willing to volunteer will step up, but until 
the moment you opened the thread there wasn’t really a way I could see this was 
something I could help out, and I’m subscribed to a list oriented toward 
LibreOffice’s end-user experience (this list). 



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