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Maarten Brouwers (murb) wrote on 14-10-18 11:57:

> I wonder how important having existing accounts is for an extension
> site. I’d like to be convinced otherwise, but I think that a usable
> submission & maintenance process will convince people to contribute
> their extensions. A more prominent call for volunteers could help
> registering the few people needed for occasional quality assurance
> (which with all security threats these days is not something you want
> to do with simply up and down votes [1]).

I thought of this subject too, but have the idea that at the moment
there is no quality/safety check either?
Anyway, good that you mention, because having something in place (by
moderation maybe) looks wise.

> to do with simply up and down votes [1]). Registering for one more
> account is the least part of creating a good extension / template
> (although it would be a nice to have if you wouldn’t have to). Big
> exception where every hassle of creating accounts might hold back
> user contributions back is feedback from users (star-ratings /
> comments / up/down-votes). Maybe the ask libreoffice org platform
> could help there (like discourse can be used to allow for discussion
> on pages), but I strongly believe that getting the UX right for a
> good extension website is the hard part, which also requires quite
> some technical skill if you build something like that [2] from

My impression is not that people in this discussion think that it will
be easy per see.
Since there are some advantages on Askbot, and the fact that boosting
the existing extensions site to a certain level somehow didn't work, we
can take this as an opportunity to look at the situation from scratch:
what can we do in a simple way to help people make templates &
extensions available easily.

> scratch (building a template site from a Q/A platform is basically
> building from scratch, support for templates is just scratching the
> surface of what is needed [again, 2]).

Depends. If you want to do versioning of extensions, it will definitely
be hard. If you skip that, leave it to the author on how to make that
clear (or not), it may be much easier. Tags to help finding stuff of
course is a must. But I think I start to repeat what already has been
expressed before.


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