Hi Cor,

> My impression is not that people in this discussion think that it will
> be easy per see.

I got a bit different impression, and still see the extensive requirements doc 
(also the new one) highly contrasting with what I read as the idea of ‘just 
start iterating from ask.libreoffice.org <http://ask.libreoffice.org/>’ (I 
know, no-one said that as simply). Sure you can do your bookkeeping in Writer, 
no need for Calc (or Base), but I just wonder if you should even considering 
starting with Writer.

> Since there are some advantages on Askbot, and the fact that boosting
> the existing extensions site to a certain level somehow didn't work, we

I’d suggest we first start with ’somehow’, much of what is specced is already 
working to some extend.

- Lack of integration with LibreOffice? -> Create an API on top of the current 
database and integrate it with LibreOffice (another thing that I guess would be 
hard to realize with a foundation based on Askbot)
- Lack of downloaders? -> 
   - Maybe the site wasn’t looking professional enough? 
   - Lack of discoverability, where to find a link to the extensions-site 
(Under “Discover?", that’s where you start before you’ve downloaded 
LibreOffice, not when you’re using it)
   - Maybe the screenshots were too small to even get an idea of what they’re 
   - Maybe the focus on ’new’ instead of ‘popular' made people wary of the 
quality of what is on offer?
   - Maybe the majority of the users don’t even care as much about extensions 
as much as we’d hope they do, and users don’t expect to find templates there as 
- Lack of contributors? -> All of the above + Maybe a function of the lack of 
downloaders? (no reward in creating & maintaining stuff that is not being used 
as much as you’d hoped for?)
- Lack of moderators? -> All of the above?

I really doubt that OAuth or not has anything to do with it. Localisation, 
probably yes.


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