Forgot that Bjoern actually mentioned some of the somehows

Technical infrastructure was lacking for contributors:
> [1] Seen e.g. by:
>    a/ repeated cries for help on twitter, some examples: (both technical 
> issues)
> <> 
> <>
and lack of categorisation-ability which makes it useless for sharing certain 
>    b/ currently no presentation templates being offered there, despite this
>       being the most common use case:
> <>
>       and massive template collections actually being hosted elsewhere e.g.:
> <>

Those look mainly like technical problems to me. I’m not sure Plone is the 
right basis (don't know it), but maybe helping the current maintainer out and 
addressing the right issues may be a more fruitful attempt to keep a good 
extension site running than starting from scratch and rediscovering the same 
old problems. As said, I’m happy to assist him/her, but just redrafting 
requirements without any observation-based ideas about what makes a great 
template site (and I just don’t buy the idea that is mainly about the 
user-accounts) doesn’t end really well anywhere in my book. Maintaining 
software doesn’t become easier when you build a complex tool (an extensions 
website) on something that isn’t meant for it (a Q/A site).



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