Hi Bjoern,

> That -- and the fact that we have 45.000 accounts on it -- are the reason I
> brought up Askbot. Content and accounts are the things that are hard earned 
> on a
> platform, maintainers and moderators are a bit easier, but still hard. The
> pure technical platform is the easiest part.

I wonder how important having existing accounts is for an extension site. I’d 
like to be convinced otherwise, but I think that a usable submission & 
maintenance process will convince people to contribute their extensions. A more 
prominent call for volunteers could help registering the few people needed for 
occasional quality assurance (which with all security threats these days is not 
something you want to do with simply up and down votes [1]). Registering for 
one more account is the least part of creating a good extension / template 
(although it would be a nice to have if you wouldn’t have to). Big exception 
where every hassle of creating accounts might hold back user contributions back 
is feedback from users (star-ratings / comments / up/down-votes). Maybe the ask 
libreoffice org platform could help there (like discourse can be used to allow 
for discussion on pages), but I strongly believe that getting the UX right for 
a good extension website is the hard part, which also requires quite some 
technical skill if you build something like that [2] from scratch (building a 
template site from a Q/A platform is basically building from scratch, support 
for templates is just scratching the surface of what is needed [again, 2]).



[1] I wonder to what extend installing extensions can be called safe in 
LibreOffice. I was wondering if I could make a nice looking extension that does 
something useful and simultaneously sends some user data to a server?
[2] Euh, this: https://nextcloud.documentfoundation.org/s/E5RX5xK6jxQPLdK

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